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Clark Coalition Staff
January 6, 2023

Make Your Voice Heard!

*Update 1/6 - We've heard from some of you that the link didn't work when you tried to send the email. We believe this is happening to certain users if they have not selected a default mail app on their computer (or if they're trying to send it from their phone - which recognizes the code differently). We believe the following links should fix this but if you're still having trouble, please let us know. Thanks!

If sending from your computer, use this link.

If sending from your phone, use this link.

You'll still have a chance to review the email before sending. Just make sure to add your name and address so the officials know you are a local constituent.

*Or you can copy and paste the email to the addresses below:;;;;;;;;;

Dear local officials,

My name is [ENTER YOUR NAME & ADDRESS HERE] and I oppose the proposals to allow industrial solar and fiscally-irresponsible suburban sprawl in Clark County’s Agricultural Zone.

The proposed changes to Winchester-Clark County’s long-standing land-use plan have been made without reviewing relevant research, without considering public input and without examining the impacts to Clark County taxpayers. These proposals are fundamentally flawed.

We call for an open and transparent process that is based on the best possible data, research and public input. It is critical that the citizens of Winchester-Clark County are able to actively engage in the important discussions on how we grow as a community.


[Your Name]

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