Meet Coalition Supporters Steve and Luanne Craycraft

Steve and Luanne Craycraft share what they love about Winchester and why they support Clark Coalition.
Clark Coalition Staff
November 11, 2021

1.)   Who we are:

 Steve & Luanne Craycraft


2.)   Occupation:

Self-employed business owners – Spectrum Photography Studio, 35 years; Commercial Rental Properties Owners, 30 Years; Kentucky Bank Customer Relations Advisor, Luanne, 10 years.


3.)   Our favorite activities in Winchester, Clark County:

 Camping, hiking, fishing, horseback riding with our grandchildren.


4.)   What we love about Winchester, Clark County:

The sense of community and the beautiful landscape we have in Clark County. The small town, friendly “hellos” from friends and neighbors at stores and restaurants. Also, the quality of life we enjoy in Clark County with the proximity to Lexington.


 5.)   Why we support Clark Coalition:

The Coalition is an essential organization for Clark County residents to collectively participate and discuss local issues. The Coalition aims to preserve and improve the quality of life we enjoy in Clark County, for today’s generation and future generations, and advocate for government decisions that reflect the public interest of our citizens.


We are very grateful for the contributions of our loyal supporters who make Clark Coalition's work to promote smart growth, sustainable economic development and government transparency possible.

Join Steve and Luanne and help us build a thriving community today!

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