Fiscal Court Denies Solar Ordinances; Implements Moratorium until Comprehensive Plan

More than 16 months after being proposed, the ordinances to permit industrial solar in Clark County's agricultural zone have been denied. The Fiscal Court agreed with Clark Coalition's recommendation to implement a moratorium on industrial solar development until the issue could be addressed in next year's Comprehensive Plan.
Clark Coalition Staff
August 27, 2021

On Thursday night, the Clark County Fiscal Court voted to accept the Planning Commission’s recommendation to deny the 1st and 2nd solar ordinances, and also to implement a moratorium on industrial solar development until the issue can be addressed in the Comprehensive Plan.

The vote was unanimous, 6-0.

The moratorium – which Clark Coalition first called for in December 2020 – is crucial to preserving local control over the process to determine appropriate solar uses.

Without a moratorium, the out-of-state developers could seek to bypass the local process and apply to the Kentucky Public Service Commission’s State Siting Board. This would result in significantly less local control and public input.

The issue will now move to the Comprehensive Plan which is due to be initiated next year.

Thank you to all the Coalition supporters who came to the meeting tonight and to our elected officials who voted to protect the interests of Clark County's citizens.

We will keep you updated.


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