Community Survey Finds Local Citizens Strongly Oppose Industrial Solar on Clark County Farmland

The survey – which ran from March 13th to May 27th – measured the sentiment of local residents on different types of solar facilities.
Clark Coalition Staff
June 29, 2021

A recent survey of Winchester-Clark County residents indicates that local citizens oppose industrial-scale solar facilities in the agricultural zone by a margin of nearly 2.5 to 1.

The survey was commissioned by Clark Coalition and conducted by the Matrix Group to measure the sentiment of local residents on different types of solar facilities, and to provide elected officials with data as they consider the prospect of industrial-scale solar facilities in Clark County’s agricultural zone.

A total of 15,760 surveys were sent to residents and P.O. Box-holders within Winchester-Clark County. The survey took place from March 13th to May 27th.

On the critical question, do you favor or oppose allowing industrial-scale solar facilities in Clark County’s agricultural zone?


Favor              –         25.2%

Oppose          –         61.2%

Don’t Know    –         13.6%

Perhaps more significantly, only 7.2% of respondents favor locating solar energy systems on agricultural areas with prime soils – as the proposed developments would do.

The survey also gauged public support of other issues related to land-use, growth and community priorities:

-       94% of respondents said that farmland preservation; greenspace and scenic rural roads are important priorities as Clark County grows in the future.

-       90% of respondents said that protecting/enhancing property values are important

-       91% stated that job creation is important

-       83% said that encouraging development where infrastructure exists is important


The survey results indicated broad support for Clark Coalition’s vision statement: “To build a thriving community rooted in the heart of our iconic and dynamic Bluegrass landscape” with 71% in favor.

Martha deReamer, president of the Matrix Group, presented the findings to the Clark County Fiscal Court on Thursday, June 24th. She gave details of the survey results, the methodology used, her credentials and answered questions from the magistrates.


The Matrix Group is a Lexington, KY-based market research firm with over 3 decades of experience. The Matrix Group provides quantitative, qualitative, and custom research and business solutions; holds the Professional Researcher Certification by the Marketing Research Association and adheres to the Code of Marketing Research Standards designated by the Insights Association.


The survey results can viewed at


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