Meet Supporters Chip and Casey Humphrey

Meet Clark County citizens who support the mission of Clark Coalition.
Clark Coalition Staff
March 12, 2021


Mechanical Engineer, Chip 

Occupational Therapy Professor, Casey

My favorite activities in Winchester, Clark County

One of my favorite activities in Winchester, Clark County is to explore the rural areas and backroads on my bicycle.  It is a great way to see things that are otherwise missed when we drive.  I often see all sorts of wildlife such as deer, turkey, cranes, hawks, foxes, and even a passing bald eagle once. - Chip

My favorite activity in Winchester, Clark County is shopping and eating at the unique, local establishments. - Casey

What I love about Winchester, Clark County

Definitely the people in the community.  Everyone is very friendly and always willing to help if needed. 

– Chip 

The thing I love about Winchester, Clark County is the small community feel, the friendly people, and the beautiful landscape. - Casey

Why I support Clark Coalition

We support the Clark Coalition in order to preserve this great community for future generations. We have been lucky; previous generations have looked after our community and we must do what we can to ensure that what makes it special remains.

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